Dope Beats & Special FX Meet in Istanbul Sessions’ Music Video for ‘Hurri-Mitanni’

Turkey based Gökalp Gönen, directed and animated the high end visuals for Ilhan Ersahin’s heavy new track “Hurri-Mitanni”. Ersahin runs the band Istanbul Sessions, a music/events production project he started in 2008. “We wanted to take instrumental music to a stand up dancing audience basically , without doing that through electronics but with just real playing… It’s all instrumental and I only play saxophone in this band , no keyboards or other sounds. We have 2 records out so far and we are working on our 3rd record.
Gönen’s creative contribution is mesmerizing. His editing and storytelling skills deserve credit but the amazing digital character work make them hard to notice. The 3D animations, some surreal, some fantastical, dance seamlessly amongst normal people on the streets.

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