Calligrafuturism with Pokras Lampas

Russian artist Pokras Lampas is internationally recognized as one of the best creatives in modern calligraphy. The classic art form now influenced by graffiti and street art, has been labelled “Calligraffiti”. But Pokras has a unique take which includes hints of Cyrillic, African, Asian and Latin styles. Pokras refers to his interpretation as “Calligrafuturism”.

Collaborations with other artists, gallery exhibitions, festivals and fashion brands (Nike, YSL, Fendi, Levi’s and more) has led to him experimenting creatively and expanding his artistic impression. In addition to the street art, museums and global gallery shows, Pokras has also been exploring how his work can best be integrated with the many digital avenues opening up for visual creatives.

More of his work can be found at pokraslampas .com and Instagram.

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