The BakeKing Makes Everything Cake in Real Life

For some, cake is a top 10 food choice. But what if all your food was made of cake? Ben Cullen has managed to make this dream a reality with his amazingly baked culinary creations. Since his start in 2014, Cullen has amassed an Instagram profile with over 280 thousand followers drooling for his patisserie perfections.

But baking was not his first creative love. Cullen studied Art and Graphic Design at Chester University and after that was a tattooing apprentice. “There was a customer that I was tattooing, and her mum started explaining to me about cake decorating – and when she showed me I just had to have a go at it because it was an art form, and I fell in love with it.”

Cullen’s career has been a series of good fortune since his first venture into #foodporn. The 29-year-old from Birmingham has done dishes for celebrities and athletes and has appeared on numerous news and tv shows. Check out more on his  YouTube: Bakeking TV Baking Channel.

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